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Welcome to Shanti Asiatic School Kheda

  • Wellness Program: A trained nurse is always available on the school campus. A periodical check up is conducted and health records of the children are maintained.We have a nutritionist on board taking care of the diet of the children. We conduct seminars and workshop for healthy life styles, dental checkups, eye checkups and other activities which add to the physical wellbeing of the child.

    Partnership with parents: Your valuable association with SAS is just the beginning of a safe and secure future of your child. As a parent, SAS will provide a strong bonding where each one of you will be an integral part of our success.

    Where experts make the difference:We encourage a lot of outside faculties to come in, they are renowned scientists, mathematicians and experts in areas of education.
    We send our children to various organizations, physical research laboratories or industrial visits or may be at a port at Mundra by the Adani or may be a pharma company just to get a firsthand experience of how things happen.

    We encourage seminars like mind mapping, public speaking and personality development.

    Multiple intelligence
    : It includes body, naturalist, intra personal and visual/spatial intelligence.