To enhance such intelligences we have all kind of sport activities ( name few of them). We also have golf which generally is a gentleman’s game. You would be wondering why do we teach it to the students WE do so because it helps to improve the concentration level.

Students at SAS are also given exposure to gardening, plumbing, awareness of electrical appliances and usage as we believe that it is very important for the child to be self dependant for all his day to day activities.
Extracurricular activities includes fine art, craft, music, dance and learning foreign languages.

Holistic Education: At SAS we ensure that the child gets Holistic education. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.
Caring Community
: We  create awareness in a child’s mind for being responsible socially and value our Asian Culture therefore we encourage them to go to old age homes, interact with elderly people so they learn how to respect and value relationships. We invite children of the Municipal school and even Blind schools. They do certain activities together. It’s an amazing sight to watch when they perform together and work as a team.
Family Spirit
: We invite parents for all functions and festivals we celebrate. Moreover, we also conduct seminars and workshops for parents. Not only the parents feel connected with the school but also with the child because now a days parents are so busy with their routine that they forget that their child needs their love, affection and attention more than they are able to give. Such occasion helps the entire family to unite, work as a team and share unforgettable moments of life.
Innovative Curriculum & Teaching Methodologies 
The academic program in our school is an outcome of intensive research and development with various educational organizations across the nation. Special focus is given on foreign language learning to prepare them for global citizenship. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and learning beyond books is encouraged through an inquiry based learning approach.
Quality of Infrastructure 
The infrastructure at SAS is an outcome o the needs and aspirations f modern learners. The entire infrastructure has been made keeping in mind how to stimulate a child’s mind once inside the campus.

Specialized colorful and vibrant pre school classroom.
Computers labs
Science, language and Maths labs, fine art and design centers
Music Room
Medical center
Meeting and sessions with eminent people of medical field and arranged at regular intervals for all stake holders.
SAS believes that Health is the only Wealth.

Finally we have a lot to offer each child . Our sincere request to Parents  to enjoy the privileges and march ahead  in making our nation a great nation!!