Our Mentors

We at Shanti Educational Initiatives (SEI) believe that Education is, what remains, after one forgets all that has been taught. It is beyond academics. It is learning from Life.

With SHANTI ASIATIC SCHOOL JAIPUR we aspire to nurture excellence, global leadership and team spirit in our young learners. In a conducive and friendly learning environment with positive energy from the educators, every knowledge seeker at SAS Jaipur shall become a global contributor.

I take this opportunity to invite you to be part of this exciting educational journey along with our young learners at SHANTI ASIATIC SCHOOOL JAIPUR.

With best wishes
Shri. Vedprakash D. Chiripal,


I believe that quality education is the key to nation building. A nation in which its children take pride of being Indian first, are culturally senstive and are globally aware. Providing our children- our future with education that is GLOBAL in its perspective and has its roots firmly grounded in our culture is the challenege that Shanti Asiatic School Jaipur is keen to take on. Its my privilege to be a part of this nobel educational endeavour of empowering our children and enabling all of us to contribute to our nation.

Shri Chand Choudhary


Education that builds a perspective, enables one to accept change and stays relevant to the needs of the 21st century learner is the need of the hour. The significant factor is not how much do we teach but how we teach. The essence of education lies in its process rather than the outcome. I believe with SHANTI ASIATIC SCHOOL JAIPUR we will be able to bring in this paradigm shift in perspective and practice and give our children a more relevant and exciting educational experience.

My best wishes to our children and our team of SHANTI ASIATIC SCHOOL JAIPUR.

Shri Dinesh Goyal,